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Do perfect marriages really exist?

Now Socrates was a great guy, so he became a philosopher. But I a blogger!

He said this around 5th BC that – By all means marry, if you get good wife you’ll be happy, and if you get bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.

Oh! Poor philosopher!

Had Socrates been a woman, and in present day, he’d say by all means marry, if you get a good husband you’ll be happy. And if you get a businessman, you’ll become a blogger. (Dearest readers, you are expected to consider my rolling eyes and arched brows, at this revealing moment).

As usual I always lose the track. Jana tha Cheen Pahonch gaye Japan! Phew!

And to add insult to the injury I ask myself Do perfect marriages really exist?

As in I am here to teach oxymorons.

Honest politician!?

Minor crisis!

Perfect marriages!?


Whoa! How Paradoxical! At least for a person like me, who takes life as randomly it comes. Rather than, arranging it to be perfect. Even if it’s marriage.

While girlhood, I was a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, only because once she stated, If I get married, I want to be very much married.

Bam! I was hypnotized. I said to my mum, if I get married I want to be very much married.. And see the intensity of my words, I am very much married, till date.

While writing this blog too, I am married. The man of the house yells, particularly at no one, for his misplaced pen drive. I stand at his refuge, leaving the flow of my thoughts aside, cursing like Xanthippe(Socrates wife guys!). Hand him his pen-drive and retrieve back to my lap-top.

Well, coming back to perfect marriages, do they really exist?

There is nothing like 50-50 in a marriage. It’s not a Deewali sale, to make sure that everybody gets benefited.

marriages are either 20-80, or 60-40, or 70-30. And this adds to the beauty of the marriage, even if you are no more attracted, you are attached.

As Leo(Tolstoy of course) said, if you look for perfection you’ll never be content.

Goodness! though my marriage isn’t perfect, I am content to my throat. And undoubtedly not trying for another experiment.

Heavens! the mere thought of experimenting raises the tiny hairs on my body.

Hence I believe that no marriage is a perfect one. And if younger ones are looking at my pedestal. here’s my advice to them, (Oops! Leonardo Cohen’s actually)-

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering,

there’s a crack in evrything,

that’s how light get in.

So guys, let the light of enlightenment get into your marriages. Have some crack of imperfections!

~ Seema Virani Kholiya

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