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Drooling Destiny !


Destiny is a lady,

fragile and frivolous;

a woman with volatile wings

and violent fangs !


she is alluring

naked and inviting

seducing the the mankind

hold their noses between her thighs

and while spreading odour of ecstasy ,

just close her crossed legs

to crush all heads tempted !


she loves

taste of dark sinful chocolates


surprises !

playing with innocent hearts

and preying tranquillized souls

dancing in cold night

with fire in her pout.


destiny is a lady

cruel and jealous

hungry and bloodthirsty

feeds herself

with human hopes,


always survives

on diet of smiles !



( this poem obviously bitten by Shakespearean bug hidden in my bones, suddenly erupted tonight after a line born in my FB status.  Now  i am ogling the lava here, so you may flamed by its random combustion… 😛 )


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