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for NOLAN fans only…

just yesterday, one of the brightest director of current generation ‘the’ Christopher Nolan had celebrated birthday.

contrary to belief of some self proclaimed ‘know-all clan’, i love his work immensely. in my 16 years of writing career, only twice i have written trilogy of articles dedicated to single movie.

and both happened to be Nolan films : “the dark knight” and “the inception” !

he is man of between the lines subtexts. though he lacks range of almighty Spielberg, he has mighty depth in his comfort zone.

in my last “dark knight rises” post, i have mentioned that film is nice and watchable more than once with all its flaws, many people read it hurriedly, as usual without even trying to  understand the direction i was pointing at. (btw, as expected by me TDKR fells well short in BO collection of TDK)

but, this post is not for serious discussion but celebration. so lets have fun.

take a ride with this ‘predictability’ chart of CN 😉 its of course from internet but before the release of TDKR 🙂 and its strictly for Hollywood buff only. 😀 (  update : some discussion )


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