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when tigers meet lions :)

in today’s “anavrut” on chiang mai, you might have read about secret of my facebook cover photo, which was quite a rage when i had uploaded it ;). its not fake, its not from even tiger temple – its from tiger kingdom – an amazing place to have chilling thrilling experience ! once i wrote in one oy article on tiger conservation before decades – વાઘ લખશે એક વાર્તા : માણસ આવ્યો રે માણસ ! 😛 and i really felt that not just by reading about them but by seeing wild animals closely and experience them children can develop more curiosity and elders can develop more concern about them. ultimately ist better for their future – where human beings can develop more positive connection with their surroundings full of nature’s wonders!

here are some pictures of my visit to tiger kingdom. where lion heart visitors takes adventure to be with adult big cats 😀 its near Mae-rim, Chiang-Mai. Thailand.  TEL. (66)+053-299363 , (66)+053-860704 . 10 KM. from Town nearby Chiang Mai – Fang main road. there are almost 28 tigers (including small baby tigers) controlled by a small stick only and they are frindly and want to play with you ! -”

and ya, these picture are absolutely real and not fake ! as i wrote today, its more safe to be with tigers then some humans. lolz. i have communicated ur love to tigers and they also happily Grrrrrrrr-ed about it !

in next blogpost tomorrow dont forget to visist another fantastic attractions of Chiang Mai on camera click 🙂

તો ચ્યાંગ માઈના મારાં પ્રવાસની વધુ રોમાંચક તસવીરી ઝલકમા વેકેશનવિહાર કરવા આ બ્લોગ જોતા રહો..વધુ આવતી કાલે ! એન્જોય…


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