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bollywood ka boss !

in 2008, sahara Tv had started one nice quiz show with boman irani as quiz-master “bollywoood ka boss”. i had been selected and won almost 1.5 lakh first prize for an episode of it. meeting fellow contestant and researcher / writer rajiv vijaykar and lively lovely parsi boman is really price-worthy experience. (though a bitter experience is , even after paying money, yet to get a cd of my episode due to carelessness of one employee there!) at that time producer sidhdharth basu used to fill up the form for the participants, which reveal something about his/her views on cinema. incidentally, i found it today, while looking for something today.  my view (looks) are changed in last couple of years, but not my views on films (thoughts)…its interesting share , so sharing it. enjoy!


Favourite Hindi Film:                          Lage Raho Munnabhai

Favourite Hindi Film Stars:                Amitabh Bachchan, Madhubala

Favourite Hindi Film Dialogue:          ‘sawal jis jaban me poochha jaye, javab bhi usi jaban me dena chahiye, maloom …’

(Amitabh in “Agnipath”)

Favourite Hindi Film Song:                har kisi ko nahi milta (“Jaanbaaz”)

Favourite Hindi Film Screen Couple: RIshi Kapoor – Neetu Singh

Favourite Hindi Film Character:        Munnabhai (played by sanjay datt)

Favourite Hindi Film Director:           Mukul s. Aanand

Favourite Hindi Film Comedian:      kishor kumar


Q) Which film do you think most closely depicts your life? Why?

 Satyakam (hrishikesh mukharji). I have constantly tried to live by truth, love, honesty but people

Who always appreciated such ideals in public, reacts differently in personal life when they find

such ‘unconventional’ person in reality. Society acts like Hypocrite jungle which tries to mould you

in their corrupt mentality & lies. Like film, ultimately person with heart is loser rather than hero…

Q) If you could be a star for a day, which one would you be? Why?

 Shahrukh Khan. Because he shares some traits with me ! He has genuine sharp wit like Oscar

Wilde, he has superb skills of promotion, branding and marketing. He never shows arrogance of

popularity. Despite being a page 3 celebrity, he is very much man of middle class family values

and loyal friendship in his personal life. He is sweet charmer and instant communicator. He loves

reading, aware with literature, politics, science-all what is happening around-and holds his clear

views as true Indian. Moreover, he has achieved of his own as struggling outsider in Bollywood.


Q) In four lines describe what attracts you to films? What do you love most about Hindi movies

 Films have unique combination of all entertaining arts explored by mankind…painting, poetry,

dancing, designing, sculpture, music, writing, photography every possible expression melts here

to absorb you in ‘neverland’ of dreams and life. Hindi films have special spicy flavor which carries

all 9 Rasa! Its loud,emotional,musical,vibrant,colorful celebration of Indian sentiments on screen.

Q) Which according to you is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? /Any bad experiences while watching a movie?

“Ram Gopal varma ki AAG”! Its ‘gang rape’ with an immortal classic which was my first love with

Cinema-SHOLAY. It was an unbelievable terror torture from otherwise supremely talented team.

I just love to watch film in theatres and once almost resigned from college principalship to do so,

but it’s always irritating while I am in trans of movie magic, somebody starts talking loudly on cell!

Q) Which was the first movie you ever saw, and what are recollections about it?

 ‘Sholay’. I am proud of it. Actually, I was studying at home without going to school, so I didn’t see

a film in early childhood. At that time (in early ‘80s) in local annual carnival in my town, in tents,

thrown or used ‘reels’ of sholay have been displayed for fifteen minutes @ 1rs. Tickets. Amitabh

has just mesmerized me and I fell in instant affair with mystical evergreen beauty called cinema!


Q) If you were to direct a film, what kind of a movie would you make, who would be in the star cast and why?

I would love to adopt victor hugo’s classic French novel Les Misérables which tells kaleidoscopic

Journey of an aged criminal’s transformation due to unconditional love. It has vivid span with

dynamic characters and dramatic turns. Though made twice (kundan,devtaa), still it was not

justified at all. In this epic of human heart, Amitabh is fully fit for the larger than life lead role,

alongwith vidya(prostitute),sonam (adopted daughter), naseer(priest), paresh raval (hotel owner),

ranbeer (son in law) and irfan (inspector).


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