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Wine Divine…

Relativity by Escher

most of the time we people consider rituals as religion. dynamic cultural traditions and ancient geographical habits are defining frame of our idea of religion. rarely spiritual search for truth and experience of existence which is harmonious with mystic nature becomes our awakening for the ‘force unknown’ of religion.

many times instead of checking our individual faith and sole soul searching away from the crowd , we just believe what is conditioned with our mind, body and surrounding environment. one has to find his or her own identity and destination of light by passing through path of pleasure and  pain. one has to taste all the colors with passion , but without obsession. one has to focus to listen voice within and music of magic outside. one has to do all the job that he or she loves, with full force but gradually leave the expectations of desired outcome and expect the uncertainties. from delight to depression, all the moments are roller-coaster ride in this universe giving us various contradictory perceptions. that chaos itself is design of divine. happiness to sorrows, we laugh, we cry, we get wounded, we fly high – its like great interactive movie in which we are so involved that we feel the characters and forget that we are mere spectators. hunter and the prey at the same time.

before the show on white screen, there is jet black darkness. after the show is over there is silent darkness. in between, all the colors and sounds dancing around. with all our cheers and tears out of connection with story. action, motion, fights, drama, chase, love, thoughts, lust, sentiments everything happen, but not forever. suddenly, at the end of illusion; we remember what we have forgotten which is real.

from reds of erotica to blues of solitude we could never know it all,or express it completely, that’s why dew drop fresh trail of poetry has more chances to attain feeling of sun and moon, sky and stars, water and sand, mountains and forests, males and females… than dry stone-studded hard road of philosophy.

( flow erupted from ruptured mind – served instantly to you all. for some ‘its typical’, for some ‘its different’. that is what life is for many of us ! )


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